Fun, Foot & Socialism

With Romain Molina

The experience of a lifetime

Stay out of the ordinary: amazed media want to make a documentary!

March 24 to 31, 2018

In the company of Korean and French football stars!

Discover Koreans

Share intense moments, between activities and surprises of all kinds!

On March 27, 2018, for the final qualifying match of the 2019 Asian Nations Cup, the DPRK (North Korea) will play Hong Kong in Pyongyang in the KIM IL SUN stadium (50,000 seats, the historical enclosure of the North Korean Football).

The challenge: the second qualifying place of the group F. A small final between two countries that opposes everything!

This moment of history of Asian football, KISTC, the official agency of the Ministry of Sports of North Korea, offers you the opportunity to live in exceptional conditions. A unique experience of 4 to 10 days to discover North Korea through football.

Prestigious participants!

This exceptional moment, you will have the chance to share it with Romain Molina, author of the biographies of Unai Emery and Edinson Cavani. As a connoisseur of football’s basics and secrets, he will deliver his crispest anecdotes and analyze the geopolitics of football in exciting debating parties.

A trip without ideology, speech or gossip

Symbol of friendship between peoples – without ideological or political considerations – football is the best way to meet each other and share, for a match, emotions without borders.


1890 € /Person

North Korean football is, above all, 1966, `` The Game of Their Lives``, a quarter-final at the World Cup; first time that an Asian selection went so far in the competition. It's also the tears of Jong Tae-Tse at the 2010 World Cup, and then ... And then what else? A so-called coach sent to death camp? A television clip stating that North Korea has actually won the world? We do not know what to invent anymore, but it is precisely the opportunity to unravel the truth from the false, the myth of the legend.


Sports writer and basketball player!




Day 1 - Saturday, March 24

  • Landing at Pyongyang around 4pm
  • Installation at KORYO Hotel, the best hotel in Pyongyang!
  • Evening: lecture by Romain Molina (geopolitics of football)

Day 2 - Sunday, March 25

The best day to share moments of relaxation with Koreans during their leisure activities.

  • Morning: War Museum (A must!)
  • Korean supermarket to discover local products
  • On-site restaurant
  • Afternoon at the “Rungra” wellness & relaxation complex (public baths, a must!)
  • Bowling
  • Fun fair for the youngest

Day 3 - Monday, March 26

  • Passage to the Chinese Embassy for the Chinese visa (request)
  • Visit to the Sci-Tech Complex of Pyongyang (City of Science and Technology)
  • Football match against students of Kim Il-Sung University (with young KISTC interpreters)
  • Taekwondo demonstration
  • Korean cinema

Day 4 - Tuesday, March 27

  • Passage to the Chinese Embassy for the Chinese visa (recovery)
  • Foreign language bookstore
  • Metro direction KIM IL SUNG stadium (50,000 places)
  • An exceptional day on the theme of football, culminating in the afternoon the match for the second qualifying place of the coup d’Asie Nations!
  • Departure to Wonsan and overnight on site

Day 5 - Wednesday, March 28

  • Visit to Songdowon International Children’s Camp (Football School)
  • Back to Pyongyang

Day 6 - Thursday, March 29

  • Visit to the demilitarized zone

Day 7 - Friday, March 30

  • Special Korean Football Day: Visit the International Football School with a guide
  • Visit of the stadium of May 1st
  • Souvenir and soccer clothing stores focused on the Korean championship

Day 8 - Saturday, March 31

  • Departure for a rail cruise from Pyongyang to Beijing from 24 hours by sleeper train. Arrival on Sunday in Beijing at 8:30 am
  • An experience and a unique memory!

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